On this page you find information on the use of the library.


To use all library services, you must become a member of the library.

Bring your identity card to the front desk to register as a member.

< 18 years: free

> 18 years: 5 euros / year

With this library card you can borrow materials in all the Dutch-speaking libraries of Brussels.


Borrowing items

With your library card you can borrow all items free of charge. 

You can keep the books for 3 weeks and you can renew them once for another 3 weeks, as long as the material has not been reserved by another user.  

You can borrow up to 10 items at a time. 

There are adapted conditions for teachers.



You can only make a reservation for a book that is borrowed by someone else, not for a book that is available. A reservation will be set aside for you for a maximum of 2 weeks. Then the reservation expires.

This service is free of charge.  


Online services

The service Mijn Bibliotheek offers the possibility to check the items that you borrowed, to renew them and to view the history of books that you have borrowed, and all that from home. On our help page you can find all details of this service. 

With the built-in list tool you can store items from the catalog on a 'to read' or other list. 

The library also offers digital collections that can be consulted from home. 

To use the online services you need a Mijn Bibliotheek profile. If you don't have a profile yet, you can read here how you can create one


Interlibrary loan

If an item is not available at our library, we can order it at another library and have it transferred. It is not certain that the other library wants to transfer the item to our library. So you will receive a message from us regardless the outcome. 

Use this form to place your request. 

For this service we charge a €2 fee. 


Suggestions for purchase 

Can't find the book that you are looking for and you want the library to buy it? Use our purchase suggestion form. Our purchase responsible decides whether the library will respond to the request. You will receive a message from us regardless the outcome.